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Remember: Israel is bad! Its existence keeps reminding Muslims what a bunch of losers they are.
"There will be no peace until they will love their children more than they hate us."

-Golda Meir-
'If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel'‎

~Benjamin Netanyahu~
"Peace for us means the destruction of Israel. We are preparing for an all out war, a war which will last for generations.

~Yasser Arafat~
"The Palestinian people have no national identity. I, Yasser Arafat, man of destiny, will give them that identity through conflict with Israel."

~ Yasser Arafat ~
"The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel. For our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of Palestinian people, since Arab national interest demand that we posit the existence of a distinct 'Palestinian people' to oppose Zionism".

~ Zahir Muhse'in ~

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Learn Palestinian Psychological Warfare

Since the first intifada to "Facebook in 2011 intifada, Palestinian have executed successful psychological warfare.

We can draw a map of the messages prior to September.

The Oslo accords were the most significant political achievement of the Palestinians, but psychological warfare remains their primary means for achieving political goals.

Here are some basic principles of Palestinian psychological warfare:

1. Art stretching rope - a gradual violent activities such as mortars, rockets and Grad. Every step is another hoax base of the stretching rope art tactic. So accustomed to Israel in the next few years its bombed southern region regularly and the steps being taken are mostly on the defensive basis. When Israel wakes up, it will be too late and she finds out that her hands are tied.

2. Evasion from taking of responsibility - at any time that an action was done that has a potential of causing damage to themselves, the Palestinians hurried to disregard their responsibility of their execution and to accuse someone else, in general Israel. Arguments like these accuses Israel, that after all/then it's impossible to be talked with "person" who is not rational. It was thus in the event of the driver that galloped to the a hitchhike's station and amongst people in the junction of the French's hill in Jerusalem and was shot. The Palestinians claimed that Israel is not discern between road accident to terrorist attack. Arafat claimed (March1996) that the attack in the bus's line 18 in Jerusalem executed Rahvam Zeevi.

3. The creation of opportunity and using of opportunity - promotion of false accusation in event from the start to his end and demands of committee for events like the Turkish Flotilla, the affair of Mohammed a-Dura, etc which were a pure provocations. There are also cases in which Palestinians want to use the event for production propaganda's profit: Every injury of Palestinian is an "attempt of annihilation", "ethnic cleansing", every conventional reaction of Israel and a routine patrol of Israeli Army is "an action of raid".

In June 2006, went a family from Gaza to travel in the beach and hurt from an old shell. The Palestinians exploited the event in order to accuse Israel in shooting of artillery from the sea to the family on the beach. Only few weeks later confessed the girl of the family on her bed in the hospital that her father played with an old shell he found on the beach.

4. Collapsing the systems of the enemy - the target : To create a load, expenses, to encumber on functioning and as such to represent helplessness and lack of the strengths of the government in the treatment of solving the problems. The "collapsing of systems" includes false alarms of rescue organizations, dummy bombs or information that brought to close streets and roads in order to ?luck the nerves of the drivers. Announcements of speaker of Hamas that soon likely terror attack raises the tension in Israeli Army, in the police and in Shabak, causing sometimes to cancell holidays in the security system and causes a chain reaction of tension and nervousness in the public.

5. Demonization - The horror propaganda against Israel came to represent Israel as a satanic country that executing war crimes in the Palestinian population and acting not in the accepted norms between countries.

When Hillary Clinton visited in Gaza Strip in November 1999, Soha Arafat informed her that Israel is poisoning the Palestinians with gas which is a pure lie. In addition, Hamas claimed that darkening Gaza by Israel prevents the activation of the incubators in Peggie. But Hamas "forgot" to tell that he is firing Grad missiles to the power station in South Ashkelon which supply electricity to Gaza.

In the historical vision there is no a renewal in the psychological Palestinian warfare, except for combination of the suicide bombers. The things had been done in the past and they are overt for all. The thing that pleases by the discipline of the Palestinian's psychological warfare is that the rules and the techniques is foreknown.

What remaining to the planners in the arms of the security is "to place in the formula" and to receive the outline that is futuristic of the psychological Palestinian warfare. So, possible/given to sketch far and away of reasonable map of the messages that is futuristic of the authority towards September and after him, and to prepare/take place/accordingly.

Additional Note:
“We plan to eliminate the state of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion. . . . We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem.”
~ Yasser Arafat ~

Poster Note:
This article has been written in Hebrew and translated by me. Sorry for the errors in the translation.

DR. Ron Schleifer, head of the institute to the security and communication in school to the communication, the academic center Ariel. This column including part of conclusions of study that checked the psychological palestinian warfare in the last decade that was published in the frame of the institute to the security and communication.

Arab Media Manipulation

by Dr. Alex Grobman

The Arabs carry on a continuous "war of nerves", cleverly using the press, UN and Western gullibility --or seminal Anti-Seminism--to isolate Israel and weaken it from psychologically from within and without. Here's how.

“One need not destroy one's enemy. One need only destroy his willingness to engage. “
~ Sun Tzu ~

The recent Arab riots on the Temple Mount and inside Jerusalem’s Old City, the Goldstone Report, academic and economic boycotts as well as other tactics are part of the familiar ongoing war against Israel. The Arabs employ a number of psychological techniques to demoralize Israelis in order to convince them that their county has usurped Arab lands, is unjust and morally bankrupt. Their ultimate objective is for Israel to be internationally villified, isolated and ultimately for it to cease to exist. It behooves us to study their techniques so as better to counter them.

The Arabs borrow from revolutionaries including Carlos Marighella, a leader of the Brazilian guerrilla organization ALN. Marighella urged his followers to use the mass media, foreign embassies, the U.N., international commissions, and Vatican representatives to spread their lies and false rumors in order to discredit the government. Acts of terror, assassination, sabotage and kidnappings further create an environment of uncertainty, anxiety and apprehension.

During the first Intifada (December 1987 to October 1991), the Arabs manipulated the international press by placing individuals affiliated with the PLO and other Islamic political groups into their media bureaus. Rather than hide these connections, the Arabs used them to enhance their attraction to their employers.

Developing personal relationships with Israelis who oppose Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, meeting with them in Israel and taking them on tours of the refugee camps helped solidify support for the Arabs, and created a sense of guilt among those who know little about the history of the conflict .

Semantics is another weapon used against Israel. Instead of describing insurrections as riots, the Arabs call them demonstrations. This is in keeping, they assert, with their basic right in a democracy to protest against unfair government policies. What they don’t say is that the riots are designed to hasten the demise of Israel. After the Arabs continually used the term “demonstration,” members of the media adopted it as their own.

When a demonstration becomes violent after the military intervenes to disband the crowd, the Arabs allege that Israelis are committing atrocities. This is after trying to goad the army into committing indiscriminate acts of force, particularly against women and children.

Contrived shootings, protests, arrests for the Western media is another technique Arabs use. Dutch television showed an Arab boy being aggressively arrested by Israeli soldiers while he was walking on the street. To ensure that the TV crew noticed that he was “innocent,” he yelled to them to take notice of what was happening.

An investigation later revealed that the youth had purposely violated curfew after seeing the TV crew. He knew he would be apprehended, that his violent arrest would be recorded and the broadcast would help to discredit Israel. This was an isolated event, yet Israeli intelligence claimed that journalists knew how much they would have to pay for a stone throwing or a demonstration. The Arabs instructed the journalists when and where to stand in order to get the best shot.

This was brought to an extreme at the beginning of the second intifada in 2000. Muhammad al-Dura, a 12 year-old Palestinian boy, was reportedly shot by Israelis in cross fire near the Netzarim crossing in Gaza while being shielded by his father. The episode was filmed and broadcast on France TV 2. This was later shown by Israeli physicist Nahum Shahaf and a courageous Frenchman, Philip Craszenty, using IDF and other materials, to be staged and patently false, yet in the Muslim world his name remains an infamous symbol of grievance against Israel.

Historian Richard Landes began investigating the case as a blood libel after seeing this incident as “One Jew allegedly kills a gentile child in cold blood, and all Jews everywhere are responsible. That's the beginning of the wave of anti-Semitism that literally has marked the 21st century, and we have not seen the end of it. This is where cyberspace can play a crucial role.”

Landes coined the phrase “Pallywood” to describe this and other “pernicious productions staged by Palestinians in front of (and often with cooperation from) Western camera crews, for the purpose of promoting anti-Israel propaganda by disguising it as news.”

While examining footage from another alleged incident, Landes noticed a Palestinian with “blood” on his forehead ostensibly from a head wound running without any sign of trauma.

After giving what appears to be a Molotov cocktail to a colleague, the Palestinian darts into the crowd. In the next frame, he is put on a stretcher and taken to an awaiting ambulance, while keeping his head high though allegedly suffering from a head injury. “It’s really obvious that it’s fake,” Landes concludes.

In the Gaza beach explosion on June 9, 2006, eight Palestinians were killed and 30 or more injured. Though very compelling evidence shows they were killed by Palestinian land mines, the Palestinians accused Israel.

The foreign media sided with the Arabs. Landes noted “And herein lies another real tragedy: The eagerness with which the media seize upon anything negative about Israel, and the reluctance with which they reveal anything negative about the Palestinians, have radically skewed the world's view of what's going on here.”

In Rhetoric, Aristotle claimed that “Men have a sufficient natural instinct for what is true, and usually do arrive at the truth.” When it comes to the Arabs, many in the West and Israel have yet to use that natural instinct.

Arutz Sheva

Middle East Conflict isn’t Territorial

Deputy PM Ya'alon says Israel must be recognized as Jewish state for peace to prevail

Moshe (Bogi) Ya'alon

The key sentence in the prime minister's speech before Congress made it clear that the main reason for the failure of all attempts to secure Israel-Palestinian peace is the Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish State; that is, to recognize the Jewish people's right to maintain a Jewish nation-state, the State of Israel, on the land of its forefathers.

Israel's Palestinian dialogue partner in peace talks is the PLO; all members of this umbrella organization, including Fatah, reject Israel's right to exist, while accepting it (because of the IDF's military power) on the condition that it would be an entity that lacks an ethnic identity – that is, that it will not be the Jewish people's nation-state.

The Palestinians always stress that they are in favor of the "two-state" solution, rather than a solution based on "two states for two peoples." According to Palestinian leader Abbas, the Jews are not entitled to a state. He rejects a connection between the Jews, as a religion, and the Land of Israel, even though he admits to a Jewish presence in Eretz Yisrael in the distant past, as the Koran often refers to it. Indeed, Abbas defines Jewishness as a religion, rather than a nationality.

Ever since the Oslo Accords, the Palestinians have resorted to a series of verbal maneuvers in order to reject Israel's identity as the Jewish people's nation-state, and they have never renounced the return of refugees. This approach is not only espoused by some sly statesmen. It is the main message conveyed to the Palestinian public in general and Palestinian youth in particular, via the media, textbooks, constitutive documents of political organizations, religious authorities and cultural work.

Palestinian maps make no mention of Israel, and the PMW website, which monitors the Palestinian media, shows us the Palestinian leadership, headed by Abbas, beaming while a talented singer promises that Haifa and other areas within Israel will again be part of Palestine. Moreover, Palestinian children are being educated from young age to hate Israel and adore suicide bombers. This is not the way to make true peace. This is not how one prepares for coexistence.

Rockets in response to concessions

Promoting an atmosphere that encourages violence and terror, combined with incitement for hatred of Israel and the Jews, is the reason for the ongoing suffering of the Palestinians rather than the steps adopted by Israel to defend itself in the face of this incitement. An Israeli concession on this matter will prompt the establishment of a hostile (and apparently failed) state near our population centers.

The heart of the conflict with the Palestinians is existential and not just territorial, as proven by Nakba Day events and as the prime minister made clear in his speech. As far as the Palestinians are concerned, the occupation started in 1948 and not in 1967. Hence, Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish people's nation-state is a required condition for viable peace with the Palestinians, although it is not a condition for entering negotiations.

Imparting this realization to the Palestinian public is a condition for implementing a peace deal and will require significant time. We should not delude ourselves and cultivate false hopes.

Past experience taught us that for any territory we gave up in order to move closer to the peace we seek, we got terror and rockets rather than peace. I'm glad to see that more and more Israelis are aware of this danger, and the more united Israel is on this front vis-à-vis the Palestinians and the international system, the higher our chances will be of prompting the Palestinians and the world to address the issue, and as result to secure stable, agreed-upon peace that will meet the national demands of both peoples.

The writer is Israel's deputy prime minister and minister for strategic affairs

The Palestinian UN Sideshow

Palestinian statehood bid premature, immature and minor concern for Arab world

by Moshe Dann

The Palestinian struggle to wipe out Israel, although ongoing and front page news has never been more than a sideshow in the Arab world. A convenient tool used by Arab dictators to divert attention away from local corruption and abuse, it has not and will not be of major consequence. The Arab world has more important concerns.

That is why exaggerating the consequences of Palestinian moves toward UN recognition distorts reality and creates a false sense of impending doom for Israelis and for the world. Hyping Palestinian causes and efforts to delegitimize and demonize Israel are in effect propaganda gimmicks aimed at Israel's destruction. These methods were common throughout history in different forms – blood libels, racist theories, Nazi screed, the Protocols, Holocaust denial – and promoted in churches and mosques. For some, it is a way of life.

With all the hoopla and media attention, however, the surge for Palestinian statehood is a minor event in the Arab world exploding with civil wars, demonstrations and riots. In real terms, the Palestinian diplomatic sideshow cannot compete with hundreds of people killed daily by Arab security forces in the Middle East and North Africa, revolutions and counter-revolutions without end.

Since they already have diplomatic recognition from 150 countries, the EU and the UN, what more does the PLO seek in statehood at the UN? The political self-definition of the Palestinians includes non- recognition of Israel and terrorist factions, like Hamas. Statehood, moreover, involves the ability to effectively control the territory claimed, reasonable and just civil institutions, desire for peaceful relations, and in the case of the PLO, an end to the "Palestinian refugee" issue.

Most significantly, the current Palestinian leadership has decided to go to the UN before holding oft-postponed elections, raising questions about its internal power struggle and future leaders; experts predict Hamas will take power. Amidst an ongoing civil war between Fatah and Hamas, despite their temporary "reconciliations," Palestinian leaps towards statehood are not only premature; they are immature.

Jew-hatred to persist

Jew-hatred will not change with or without recognition of Palestinian statehood. The PLO and Hamas will continue to pursue their goal of eliminating Israel, supported by Islamists, Jihadists, the Muslim Brotherhood and others. Hezbollah will continue to amass missiles – although its current stock estimated at 50,000 seems more than enough to destroy Israel. And, regardless of President Obama's request that they come up with answers, Palestinian leaders can continue to remain silent while planning for conflict.

Exaggerating Palestinian moves toward UN recognition is dangerous when linked with demands for Israel to "do something!" It encourages opponents of Israel and settlements to pressure the Jewish State into more concessions to "head off the tsunami." Even more dangerous, it shifts the onus of preventing violence and promoting peace to Israel.

Finally, if the Palestinians make this move it will have no practical or diplomatic effect. It will, however, have one very important benefit for Israel: It will free us from the restrictions of the Oslo Agreements and the delusions that spawned.

If Arabs claim sovereignty in Palestine, Jews should match that with our own: Sovereignty now.

The author is a historian, writer and journalist

Ynet News

How Many Palestinian Arab Refugees Were There?

by Efraim Karsh
Israel Affairs
April 2011

The number of Palestinian Arabs fleeing their homes during the 1948 war has constituted one of the most intractable bones of contentions of the Arab-Israeli conflict, not least since the Palestinians have insisted on the "right of return" of these individuals and their descendants to territory that has long been part of the state of Israel.

More than a half-century later, these exaggerated initial numbers have swollen still further: as of June 2000, according to UNRWA, the total had climbed close to three and three-quarters million, though it readily admits that the statistics are largely inflated. For its part the PLO set a still higher figure of 5 million refugees, while Israel has unofficially estimated the current number of refugees and their families at closer to 2 million.

Using a wealth of declassified Arab, Israeli, and British documents, this article seeks to provide as comprehensive and accurate an estimate as possible of the actual number of refugees in the wake of the 1948 war.

At the end of the war, the Israeli government set the number of Palestinian refugees at 550,000-600,000; the British Foreign Office leaned toward the higher end of this estimate. But within a year, as large masses of people sought to benefit from the unprecedented influx of international funds to the area, some 962,000 alleged refugees had been registered with the newly-established UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

The extraordinary coverage of the 1948 war notwithstanding, the birth of the Palestinian refugee problem during the five-and-a-half months of fighting, from the partition resolution of November 29, 1947, to the proclamation of the state of Israel on May 14, 1948, passed virtually unnoticed by the international community. Nor for that matter did the Arab states, burdened as they were with a relentless flow of refugees, or even the Palestinian leadership itself, have a clear idea of the dispersal's full magnitude, as demonstrated by the mid-June 1948 estimate of the prominent Palestinian leader, Emile Ghouri, of the number of refugees at 200,000: less than two thirds the actual figure. A few weeks later, after thousands more Arabs had become refugees, a Baghdad radio commentator was still speaking of 300,000 evacuees "who are forced to flee from the Jews as the French were forced to flee from the Nazis." Taking their cue from these claims, W. De St. Aubin, delegate of the League of Red Cross Societies to the Middle East, estimated the number of Arab refugees (in late July) at about 300,000, while Sir Raphael Cilento, director of the UN Disaster Relief Project (DRP) in Palestine, set the number at 300,000-350,000 (in early August).

Paradoxically it was the Israelis who initially came with the highest, and most accurate, estimates. In early June Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion was told by Yossef Weitz of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) that "some 123,000 Arabs left 155 villages in the Jewish state's territory; another 22,000 left 35 villages outside the Jewish state: a total of 145,000 evacuees and 190 villages. Seventy-seven thousand Arabs left five cities in the Jewish state's territory (Haifa, Beisan, Tiberias, Safad, Samakh). Another 73,000 left two cities [designed to remain] outside the state (Jaffa and Acre). Forty thousand Arabs left Jerusalem: a total of 190,000 from eight cities. All in all, 335,000 Arabs fled (including 200,000 from the UN ascribed Jewish territory)."

A comprehensive report by the Hagana's intelligence service, comprising a detailed village-by-village breakdown of the exodus, set the number of Palestinian Arab evacuees in the six-month period between December 1, 1947 and June 1, 1948, at 391,000: 239,000 from the UN-ascribed Jewish state, 122,000 from the territory of the prospective Arab state, and 30,000 from Jerusalem. Another exhaustive Israeli study set the number of refugees (in late October) at 460,000, almost evenly divided between the rural and urban sectors.

This estimate was substantially higher than the 360,000 figure in the report of the UN mediator, Count Folke Bernadotte, submitted to the General Assembly on September 16, or Cilento's revised estimate of 400,300 a couple of weeks later, and was virtually identical to the supplementary report submitted on October 18 by Bernadotte's successor, Ralph Bunche, which set the number of refugees at 472,000 and anticipated the figure to reach a maximum of slightly over 500,000 in the near future.

By now, however, the Arabs had dramatically upped the ante. In a memorandum dispatched to the heads of the Arab states and Arab League Secretary-General Abdel Rahman Azzam in mid-August, the Palestine Office in Amman, an organization operating under the auspices of the Transjordan government, estimated the total number of refugees at 700,000, of whom 500,000 were in Palestine and the rest in the neighboring Arab states. The memo struck a responsive chord, for in October the Arab League set the number of refugees at 631,967, and by the end of the month official Arab estimates ranged between 740,000 and 780,000. When the newly-established United Nations Relief for Palestine refugees (UNRPR) began operating in December 1948, it found 962,643 refugees on its relief rolls.

In conversations with British diplomats (in early October) Cilento described the figures supplied by the Arab authorities as unreliable, claiming that they increased from week to week in all areas irrespective of known movements of refugees from place to place. A large number of refugees had, for example, moved from the Nablus area to the Hauran in Syria while others from Jericho, Jerusalem and Transjordan had moved to Gaza. Similarly, at least 2,000 refugees had recently moved from the Egyptian port town of Kantara, on the Suez Canal, to Gaza. Yet the number of refugees in the areas from which these movements had taken place was in all cases reported as increasing instead of decreasing. Similar exaggerations were made in Syria where, according to Bunche's October report, the authorities claimed the existence of 30,000 refugees whereas the actual figure was no more than half that size.

Cilento expected as many as 400,000 Arabs to apply for UN relief in the coming winter on top of the 360,000-390,000 registered refugees, though these were not genuine refugees in the sense that they were living in their own homes and had not been "displaced." This, however, didn't prevent him, when the prediction was vindicated before the end of the year, from raising the number of refugees to 750,000. St. Aubin, who in September 1948 became the DRP's director of field operations, went a step further by placing the figure (in July 1949) at "approximately one million."

Admitting to having "some difficulty in separating out the real refugees from the rest, and in explaining the reasons for doing so to the Arab authorities," Cilento attributed this chaotic situation to a number of reasons:

* Refugees were registered on arrival and fed but their names were not struck off the list if they moved or died;
* Refugees moving from one area to another would check in and be fed at several points en route and at each would be added to the list of refugees in the area, in this way numbers increased on paper in areas vacated as well as at final destination;
* Local destitute persons were included in numbers although they were not properly refugees;
* Fraud and misrepresentation by officials and others to utilize supplies etc.;
* There were people who left their homes owing to disturbed conditions but returned to them shortly afterward, yet were briefly registered as refugees and the records remained.

Sir John Troutbeck, head of the British Middle East office in Cairo, got a first-hand impression of this pervasive inflation of refugee numbers during a fact-finding mission to Gaza in June 1949. "The Quakers have nearly 250,000 refugees on their books," he reported to London.

They admit however that the figures are unreliable, as it is impossible to stop all fraud in the making of returns. Deaths for example are never registered nor are the names struck off the books of those who leave the district clandestinely. Some names too are probably registered more than once for the extra rations. But the Quakers assured me that they have made serious attempts to carry out a census and believe they have more information in that respect than the Red Cross organizations which are working in other areas. Their figures include Bedouin whom they feed and care for just like other refugees. They seemed a little doubtful whether this was a right decision, but once it had been taken it could not be reversed, and in any case the Bedouin, though less destitute than most of the refugees proper, are thought to have lost a great part of their possessions. They and the other refugees live in separate camps and in a state of mutual antipathy.

This was hardly a novel phenomenon. Population figures of Palestinian Arab society, especially of rural Muslim communities, were notoriously unreliable, based as they were on exaggerated information provided by village headmen in order to obtain greater government support. As explained in the preface to the mandatory government's Village Statistics 1945, for all the "very detailed work" invested in this comprehensive compendium of rural Palestine, its estimates "cannot… be considered as other than rough estimates which in some instances may ultimately be found to differ even considerably, from the actual figures."

The supplementary volume to the government's Survey of Palestine (1946), compiled in June 1947 for the information of the UN Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP), elaborated on the problematic nature of official demographic statistics:

For the years 1943-46 an investigation recently carried out by the Department of Statistics revealed that many cases of death, especially in rural areas, have not been reported. These omissions (which are mainly due to the attempt to obtain food rations of deceased persons) seriously impair the reliability of the death rates (particularly infant mortality rates) and that of the rate of natural increase. On the other hand, they are not of such magnitude as to effect seriously the estimates of total population.

This may well have been the case. But then, if accepting the Supplement's estimate of 1.3 million Palestinian Arabs at the end of 1946 (the actual figure was most probably 5%-6% lower) the number of refugees could by no stretch of the imagination approximate the million mark for the simple reason that some 550,000-600,00 Arabs who lived in the mandatory districts of Samaria, Jerusalem, and Gaza (which subsequently became the West Bank and the Gaza Strip after their respective occupation by Transjordan and Egypt) remained in situ, while another 160,000 Arabs remained in, or returned to, Israel. This, in turn, puts the number of refugees at 540,000-590,000. Likewise, according to an extrapolation of the Village Statistics 1945, the non-Jewish population of the area that was to become Israeli territory at the end the war amounted, in April 1948, to some 696,000-726,800. Deducting Israel's 160,000-strong postwar Arab population from this figure would leave 536,000-566,800 refugees beyond Israel's frontiers.

As can be seen below, my own calculations, based on British, Jewish, and to a lesser extent Arab, population figures of all identified rural and urban localities abandoned during the war, amounts to 583,000-609,000 refugees.

The Palestinian Arab Exodus 1947-48


Acre – 13,510 (3,885 remained).

Beersheba – 6,490.

Beisan – 5,540.

Haifa – 70,910 (5,000 remained).

Jaffa – 70,730 (4,000-5,000 remained).

Jerusalem – 65,010 (some 30,000 fled).

Lydda & Ramle – 35,078 (2,500 remained).

Majdal – 10,900.

Safad – 10,210.

Tiberias – 5,770.

Total: 247,403-248,403



Acre Sub-District

Amqa – 1,240, Jul. 9, 1948.

Arab Samniya – 200,

Bassa – 2,950-3,140 (includes Ma'sub), May 14, 1948.

Birwa – 1,460, Jun. 11, 1948.

Damun – 1,310, Jul. 14-18, 1948.

Deir Qasi – 1,190 (including Mansura), Oct. 30, 1948.

Ghabisiya – 690-740, May 22, 1948.

Iqrit – 490-520, Apr. 26-Oct. 30, 1948.

Kabri – 1,530-1,640, May 5-22, 1948.

Kafr Inan – 360, Oct. 30, 1948.

Khirbat Iribbin – 360 (including Jurdeih & Khirbat Idmith),

Khirbat Jiddin – no people according to the Village Statistics

Kuweikat – 1,050, Jul. 9, 1948.

Manshiya – 810-1,140, May 17, 1948.

Mansura – see Deir Qasi.

Mi'ar – 770, Oct. 30, 1948.

Nabi Rubin – see Tarbikha.

Nahr – 610, May 22, 1948.

Ruweis – 330, Jul. 18, 1948.

Suhmata – 1,130, Oct. 29/30, 1948.

Sumeiriya – 760-820, May 14, 1948.

Suruh – see Tarbikha.

Tell – May 14, 1948.

Tarbikha – 1,000 (including Nabi Rubin & Suruh), Oct. 30, 1948.

Umm Faraj – 800, May 22, 1948.

Zib (includes Manawat) – 1,910-2,050, May 14, 1948.

Beisan Sub-District

Arida – 150, May 20, 1948.

Ashrafiya – 230, May 12, 1948.

Bawati - 520-700, Mar. 30, 1948.

Bira – 220-500, May 16, 1948.

Danna – 160-400, May 16-28, 1948.

Farawna – 330-350, May 11, 1948.

Ghazawiya – 1,020, late May 1948.

Hamidiya – 220-300, Apr. 6-May 12, 1948.

Hamra, 730, May 1, 1948.

Jabbul – 250-370, May 1-18, 1948.

Kafra – 400-700, May 16, 1948.

Kaukab Hawa – 30-600, May 14, 1948.

Khuneizir – 260-400, May 20, 1948.

Masil Jizl – 100, mid-May 1948.

Murassas – 460-600, May 16, 1948.

Qumiya – 320-440, Mar. 30, 1948.

Safa – 650, May 20, 1948.

Sakhina – 200-530, May 16, 1948.

Samiriya – 250-500, May 27, 1948.

Sirin – 600-820, Apr. 24, 1948.

Tell Shauk – 120, probably in mid-May 1948.

Tira – 120-150, Apr. 15, 1948.

Zab'a – 170, May 12, 1948.

Yubla – 150-250, May 16, 1948.

Zir'in – 1,300, May 1, 1948.

Nazareth Sub-District

Indur – 620, May 24, 1948.

Ma'lul – 690, Jul. 15-18, 1948.

Mujeidil – 1,600-1,900, Jul. 15-18, 1948.

Saffuriyya – 4,320-4,330, Jul. 15-16, 1948.

Safad Sub-District

Abil Qamh – 230-330, May 10, 1948.

Abisiya – 830-1,220, May 25, 1948.

Akbara – 390-410, May 10, 1948.

Alma – 950, Oct. 30, 1948.

Ammuqa Tahta & Fawqa – 140, May 24, 1948.

Arab Shamalina – see Buteiha.

Arab Zubeid – Apr. 20, 1948.

Azaziyat – 390, Apr. 30-May 1, 1948.

Beisamun – 20, May 25, 1948.

Biriya – 240, May 2, 1948.

Buteiha - 650 (including Arab Shamalina), May 4, 1948.

Buweiziya – 510-540, May 11, 1948.

Dahariya – 350, May 10, 1948.

Dallata – 360, Oct. 30, 1948.

Darbashiya – 310, early May 1948.

Dawwara – 700, May 25, 1948.

Deishum – 590, May 9, 1948-Oct. 30, 1948.

Dirdara – Jul. 9-10, 1948.

Ein Zeitun – 620-820, May 2, 1948.

Fara – 820, Oct, 30, 1948.

Farradiya – 670, Oct. 30-Nov. 6, 1948.

Fir'im – 740, May 2-26, 1948.

Ghabbatiya – 60, probably in late October 1948.

Ghuraba – 220, May 1-28, 1948.

Hamra – May 1, 1948.

Harrawi – May 25, 1948.

Hunin – 1,620, May 3-5, 1948.

Husseiniya – 340 (including Tuleil), Apr. 21, 1948.

Jahula – 420, date not known.

Jauna – 1,150, May 9, 1948.

Jubb Yusuf – 170, early May 1948.

Kafr Bir'im – 710, Oct. 30, 1948.

Khalisa – 1,840, May 11, 1948.

Khirbat Muntar – n.a., May 7, 1948.

Khisas – 470-530, Mar. 26-May 24, 1948.

Khiyam Walid – 210-280, Mar. 29-May 1, 1948.

Kirad Baqqara – 360, Apr. 22, 1948.

Kirad Ghanama - 350, Apr. 22, 1948.

Lazzaza – 230, May 21, 1948.

Madahil – 410, Apr. 7-30, 1948.

Malikiya – 360, May 15-Oct. 30, 1948.

Mallaha – 890, May 25, 1948.

Mansura– 360, May 25, 1948.

Mansurat Kheit – 200-900, Jan. 18, 1948.

Marus – 80, May 26, 1948.

Meirun – 290, May 29-Oct. 29, 1948.

Mughr Kheit – 490, Jan. 18, 1948.

Muftakhira – 350 – May 1-16, 1948.

Nabi Yusha – 70, May 16-17, 1948.

Naima – 1,240-1,310, May 14, 1948.

Qabba'a - 460, May 2, 1948.

Qadas – 320-390, May 28, 1948.

Qaddita – 240, May 11, 1948.

Qeitiya – 940, May 2-19, 1948.

Qudeiriya – 390, May 4, 1948.

Ras Ahmar – 620, Oct. 30, 1948.

Sabalan – 70, apparently in late October 1948.

Safsaf – 910, Oct. 29, 1948.

Saliha – 1,070, Oct. 30, 1948.

Salihiya – 1,520, May 25, 1948.

Sammui – 310, May 12-Oct. 30, 1948.

Sanbariya – 130, date not known.

Sa'sa – 1,130, Oct. 29-30, 1948.

Shauka Tahta – 200, Feb. 2-May 14, 1948.

Shuna – 170, date not known.

Teitaba – 530, Oct. 30, 1948.

Tuleil – see Husseiniya.

Ulmaniya – 260, Feb. 25-Apr. 20, 1948.

Weiziya – date not known.

Yarda – Jul. 10, 1948.

Zanghariya – 840, May 4, 1948.

Zawiya – 760, May 24, 1948.

Zuk Fauqani & Zuk Tahtani – 1,050, May 11-21, 1948.

Tiberias Sub-District

Dalhamiya – 410, probably late April.

Ghuweir Abu Shusha – 1,240, Apr. 21-28, 1948.

Hadatha – 520-550, Mar. 30-May 12, 1948.

Hittin – 1,190, Jul. 17, 1948.

Kafr Sabt – 480, Apr. 22, 1948.

Khirbat Qadish – 410, Apr. 19-20, 1948.

Khirbat Wa'ra Sauda – 1,870 (Mawasi & Wuheib), date not known.

Lubiya – 2,350, Jul. 17, 1948.

Ma'dhar – 480-510, Apr.16-May 12, 1948.

Majdal – 240-360, Apr. 22, 1948.

Manara – 490, Apr. 10, 1948.

Mansura – 360, May 25, 1948

Nasr al-Din – 90 - Apr. 12, 1948.

Nimrin – 320, Jul. 17-18.

Nuqeib (includes Samra) - 290-320, Apr. 23-24, 1948.

Samakh – 3,460-3,660, Apr. 29, 1948.

Samakiya – 380, May 4, 1948.

Samra – see Nuqeib.

Shajara, 720-770, Apr. 21-May 6, 1948.

Tabigha – 330, May 1, 1948.

Ubeidiya – 870-920, Mar. 5-Apr. 21, 1948.

Ulam - 720- Mar. 30-May 12, 1948.

Yaquq – 210, Jul. 18, 1948.


Haifa Sub-District

Abu Shusha – 720, Apr. 9-12.

Abu Zueriq – 550, Apr. 12, 1948.

Arab Fuqara – 310-340, Apr. 10, 1948.

Arab Nufeiat – 820-910, Mar. 30-Apr. 10, 1948.

Atlit – 150, date not known.

Balad Sheikh – 4,120-4,500, Jan. 7-Apr. 25, 1948.

Bureika – 290, Mar. 6-Apr. 26, 1948.

Buteimat – 110, Apr. 12-May 13, 1948.

Daliyat Ruha – 280-310, Apr. 12, 1948.

Dumeira – 620, date not known.

Ein Ghazal – 2,170-2,410, Apr. 25-July 26, 1948.

Ein Haud – 650, Jul. 17, 1948.

Ghubaiyat, 1,130-1,260 (includes Naghnagiya), Apr. 9-13, 1948.

Hawsha – n.a., Apr. 4-19, 1948.

Ijzim – 2,970, Apr. 25-July 26, 1948.

Jaba – 1,140, Jul. 25, 1948.

Jalama – n.a, Jun. 1, 1948.

Kabara -120, apparently late April-early May 1948.

Kafr Lam – 340-380, May 13-15-Jul. 16, 1948.

Kafrin – 920; April 12, 1948.

Khirbat Damum – 340; late April 1948.

Khirbat Kasayir – Apr. 27, 1948.

Khirbat Lid – 640, mid-April-mid-May, 1948.

Khubbeiza – 290, apparently in mid May 1948.

Mansi – 1,200, Apr. 12-15, 1948.

Mazar – 210, May 17, 1948.

Mazra'a – 460, Feb. 6, 1948.

Naghnagiya – see Ghubaiyat.

Qannir – 750, Apr. 5-25, 1948.

Qisariya – 930-1,240, Jan. 12-Feb. 15, 1948.

Rihaniya – 240-340, Apr. 12, 1948.

Sabbarin – 1,700-1,880, May 14, 1948.

Sarafand – 290, early May 1948-Jul. 17, 1948.

Sarkas – Apr. 15-26, 1948.

Sindiyana – 1,250-1,390, May 2-14, 1948.

Tantura – 1,490-1,650, May 6-21, 1948.

Tira – 5,270, Apr. 22-Jul. 16, 1948.

Umm Shauf – 480, May 14, 1948.

Umm Zinat – 1,470, Apr. 26-May 15, 1948.

Wadi Ara – 260, Feb. 27, 1948

Yajur – 610 – Feb. 18-Apr. 25, 1948.


Jenin Sub-District

Ein Mansi – 90, date not known.

Kufeir – 140, Apr. 27, 1948.

Lajjun – 600, Apr. 16-May 30, 1948.

Mazar – 270-350, May 30, 1948.

Nuris – 570-700, May 30, 1948.

Zir'in – 1,300-1,420, May 28, 1948.

Tulkarm Sub-District

Arab Balawina, Dec. 31, 1947.

Arab Huweitat – Mar. 15, 1948.

Arab Zubeidat (Kafr Zibad) – 1,590, Apr. 16, 1948.

Kafr Saba – 1,270-1,370, May 15, 1948.

Khirbat Azzun (Tabsur) – 50, Dec. 21, 1947-Apr. 3, 1948.

Khirbat Beit Lid – 460-500, Mar. 20-Apr. 5, 1948.

Khirbat Jalama – 70, early February 1948.

Khirbat Manshiya – 260-280, Apr. 15, 1948.

Khirbat Zalafa – 210-370, Apr. 15, 1948.

Miska – 650-880 – Apr. 15, 1948.

Qaqun – 1,970, May 4 & Jun. 4, 1948.

Umm Khalid – 970-1050, Mar. 20, 1948.

Wadi Hawarith – 1,330-1,440, Mar. 15, 1948.


Hebron Sub-District

Ajjur – 3,720 (including Khirbat Ammuriya), Oct. 22-24, 1948.

Barqusiya – 330, Jul. 9-10, 1948.

Beit Jibrin – 2,430, Jul. 13-14-Oct. 27, 1948.

Beit Nattif – 2,150, Oct. 22, 1948.

Dawayima – 3,710, Oct. 29, 1948.

Deir Dubban – 730, Oct. 22-23, 1948.

Deir Nakh-Khas – 600, Oct. 29, 1948.

Kidna – 450, Oct. 22-24, 1948.

Mughallis – 540, Jul. 16, 1948.

Qubeiba – 1,060, Oct. 28, 1948.

Ra'na – 190, Oct. 22-23, 1948.

Tell Safi – 1,290, Jul. 9, 1948.

Zakariya – 1,180, Jul. 22-23-Oct. 22-24, 1948.

Zeita – 330, Jul. 9-18, 1948.

Zikrin – 330-960, Oct. 22-24, 1948.

Jerusalem Sub-District

Allar – 440, Oct. 22, 1948.

Aqqur – 40, Jul. 13, 1948.

Artuf – 350, Jul. 17-18, 1948.

Beit Itab – 540, Oct. 21, 1948.

Beit Mahsir – 2,400, May 10, 1948.

Beit Naqquba – 240, Jul. 8, 1948.

Beit Thul – 260, date not known.

Beit Umm Meis – 70, Jul. 15, 1948.

Buerij – 720, Jul. 15-16, 1948.

Deir Aban - Oct. 19, 1948.

Deir Amr – 10, Jul. 14, 1948.

Deir Hawa – 60, Oct. 19, 1948.

Deir Rafat – 430, Jul. 17-18, 1948.

Deir Sheikh – 220, Oct. 21, 1948.

Deir Yasin – 610-650, Apr. 9-10, 1948.

Ein Karim – 3,180-3,390, Apr. 10-21 & Jul. 10-17, 1948.

Ishwa – 620, Jul. 10-18, 1948.

Islin – 260, Jul. 10, 1948.

Jarash – 190, Oct. 21, 1948.

Jura – 420, late Jul. 1948.

Kasla – 280, Jul. 14, 1948.

Khirbat Ismallah – 20, date not known.

Khirbat Lauz – 450, Jul. 13-14, 1948.

Khirbat Umur – 270, Oct. 21, 1948.

Lifta – 2,550-2,730, Dec. 31, 1947-early January 1948.

Maliha – 1,940-2,070, Apr. 21-May 6, 1948 & Jul. 14, 1948.

Nataf – 40, Apr. 15, 1948.

Qabu – 260, Oct. 21, 1948.

Qaluniya – 910-970, Apr. 10-May 3, 1948.

Qastel - 90-100- late March 1948-May 3, 1948.

Ras Abu Ammar – 620, Oct. 21, 1948.

Sar'a – 340, Jul. 10-14, 1948.

Saris – 560-600, Apr. 16-May 3, 1948.

Sataf – 540, Jul. 13-14, 1948.

Suba – 620, Jul. 12/13, 1948.

Sufla – 60, Oct. 21, 1948.

Walaja – 1,650, Oct. 21, 1948.


Jaffa Sub-District

Abbasiya – see Yahudiya.

Abu Kishk – 1,900 – Mar. 30, 1948.

Beit Dajan – 3,840, Apr. 25-May 1, 1948.

Biyar Adas – 300, Apr. 12, 1948.

Fajja – 1200-1,570, Mar. 17-May 15, 1948.

Haram - see Saiduna Ali.

Jalil – 600-1,020, Mar. 23-Apr. 3, 1948.

Jammasin – 1,810-2,050, Jan. 7-Mar. 17, 1948.

Jarisha – 190, apparently in mid-May 1948.

Kafr Ana – 2,000-3,020, Apr. 17-25, 1948.

Kheiriya – 1,420-1,600, Apr. 25, 1948.

Mas'udiya – 850, Dec. 25, 1947.

Mirr – 170-190, Feb. 3-15, 1948.

Muweilih – 360, Jul. 9, 1948.

Rantiya – 590, Apr. 28-May 13, 1948.

Safiriya – 3,070, apparently in late April 1948.

Saiduna Ali- 520-880, Feb. 3, 1948.

Salama – 6,730-7,610, Apr. 25, 1948.

Saqiya – 1,100-1,240, Apr. 25, 1948.

Sawalima – 800, Apr. 20, 1948.

Sheik Muwannis – 1,930-2,000, Dec. 1, 1947-Mar. 30, 1948.

Sumeil – see Mas'udiya.

Yahudiya – 5,650-6,560, May 4-Jul. 10, 1948.

Yazur – 4,030, May 1, 1948.

Ramle Sub-District

Abu Fadl (Sautariya) – 510, Apr. 7-May 9, 1948.

Abu Shusha – 870-950, May 14-20, 1948.

Aqir – 2,480-2,710, May 4-6, 1948.

Barfiliya – 730, Jul. 15-17, 1948.

Barriya – 510, May 1-Jul. 10-11, 1948.

Bashshit – 510-1,770, May 12-13, 1948.

Beit Jiz – 550-600, Apr. 20, 1948.

Beit Nabala – 630-2,310, May 13, 1948.

Beit Shanna – 210, date not known.

Beit Susin – 210, Apr. 20, 1948.

Bir Ma'in – 510, Jul. 15-16, 1948.

Bir Salim – 410-950, May 9, 1948.

Burj – 480, Jul. 15-16, 1948.

Daniyal – 410, Jul. 9-10, 1948.

Deir Abu Salama – 60, Jul. 13, 1948.

Deir Aiyub – 320, May 16, 1948.

Deir Muheisin 460-500, Apr. 7-20, 1948.

Deir Tarif – 1,750, Jul. 9-11, 1948.

Haditha – 760, Jul. 10-12, 1948.

Idnibba – 490, Jul. 9-16, 1948.

Innaba – 1,420, Jul. 10-16, 1948.

Jilya – 330, Jul. 16, 1948.

Jimzu – 1,510, Jul. 10, 1948.

Kharruba – 170, Jul. 11, 1948.

Kheima – 190, Jul. 16, 1948.

Khirbat Beit Far – 300, date not known.

Khirbat Buweira – 190, date not known.

Khirbat Dhuheiriya – 100, Jul. 10-11, 1948.

Khirbat Zakariya – date not known.

Khulda – 260-300, Apr. 7-21, 1948.

Latrun – 190, May 16, 1948.

Majdal Yaba – 1,520, Jul. 12, 1948.

Mansura – 90-100, Dec. 22-29, 1947-Apr. 20, 1948.

Mughar – 1,740-1,900, May 15-18, 1948.

Mukheizin – 200-310, Dec. 29, 1947.

Muzeiri'a – 1,160, Jul. 16-18, 1948.

Na'ana – 1,470-2,270, May 14-Jun. 12, 1948.

Nabi Rubin – 1,420, Jun. 1, 1948.

Qatra – 1,210-1,320, May 17, 1948.

Qazaza – 940, Apr. 17-Jul. 16, 1948.

Qubab – 1,980-2,160, Apr. 20-Jun. 4, 1948.

Qubeiba – 1,720-1,870, May 27-Jul. 9-10, 1948.

Qula – 1,010, Jul. 11-18, 1948.

Sajad – 370, Jul. 9-10, 1948.

Salbit – 510, Jul. 16-17, 1948.

Sarafand Amar – 1,950, probably in mid-May 1948.

Sarafand Kharab – 1,040-1,130, Apr. 20, 1948.

Seidun – 210-230, Jan. 1, 1948.

Shahma – 280-310, May 14, 1948.

Shilta – 100, Jul. 17-18, 1948.

Tina – 750, Jul. 9-10, 1948.

Tira – 1,290, Jul. 10, 1948.

Umm Kalkha – 60, date not known.

Wadi Hunein – 1,620-1,770, Jan. 5-Apr. 17, 1948.

Yibna – 5,400-5,920, Jun. 4-5, 1948.

Zarnuqa – 2,380-2,600, May 27, 1948.


Gaza Sub-District

Arab Sukreir – 390-430, Jan. 25, 1948.

Barbara – 2,410, Nov. 30, 1948.

Barqa – 890-980, May 13, 1948.

Batani Sharqi – 650-710, May 11-13, 1948.

Batani Gharbi – 980, Jun. 10-11, 1948.

Beit Affa – 700, May 23-Nov. 10, 1948.

Beit Daras – 2,750-3,010, May 11-12, 1948.

Beit Jirja – 940, Nov. 5, 1948.

Beit Tima – 1,060, May 29-31, 1948.

Bi'lin – 180, Jul. 9-10, 1948.

Bureir – 2,740-4,000, May 12, 1948.

Deir Suneid – 730, late October-early November 1948.

Dimra – 520, late October-early November 1948.

Faluja – 4,670, Oct. 16, 1948.

Hamama – 5,000, Jun. 9-Nov. 30, 1948.

Hatta – 970, Jul. 17-18, 1948.

Hirbiya – 2,240, Nov. 5-30, 1948.

Huj – 800-810, May 28, 1948.

Huleiqat – 420, May 12-Oct. 29, 1948.

Ibdis – 540, May 23, 1948.

Iraq Manshiya – 2,010, Oct. 16-17, 1948.

Iraq Suweidan – 660, Jul. 9-Nov. 10, 1948.

Isdud – 4,620, Nov. 30, 1948.

Jaladiya – 360, May 23-Jul. 9-10, 1948.

Jiya – 1,230, Nov. 5-30, 1948.

Julis – 1,030-1,130, May 23-Jun. 10-11, 1948.

Jura – 2,420, Nov. 5, 1948.

Juseir – 1,180, late May or early June 1948.

Karatiya, 1,370, May 23, 1948.

Kaufakha – 500, Aug. 16-Sept. 24, 1948.

Kaukaba – 680, May 12-Oct. 18, 1948.

Khirbat Khisas – 150, Nov. 30, 1948.

Masmiya Kabira – 2,520, Jul. 9-10, 1948.

Masmiya Saghira – 530, Jul. 9-10, 1948.

Muharraqa – 580-1,100, May 25-28, 1948.

Najd – 600-620, May 12, 1948.

Ni'ilya – 1,310, Nov. 5-30, 1948.

Qastina – 890, Jul. 9-10, 1948.

Sawafir Gharbiya – 1,000-1,030, May 15-18, 1948.

Sawafir Shamaliya, 680, May 11-18, 1948.

Sawafir Sharqiyya – 970, May 15-18, 1948.

Sumsum – 1,200-1,360, May 12, 1948.

Summeil – 950, Jul. 9-10, 1948.

Tell Turmus – 760, Jul. 9, 1948.

Yasur – 1,070, Jun. 10-11, 1948.

Beersheba Sub-District

Bir Asluj – Jun. 11, 1948.

Jammama – 150, May 22, 1948.


Acre Sub-District 20,950-21,860

Beisan Sub-District 9,960-13,640

Nazareth Sub-District 7,230-7,540

Safad Sub-District 34,320-36,030

Tiberias Sub-District 17,430-17,940


Haifa Sub-District 35,290-37,120


Jenin Sub-District 2,970-3,300

Tulkarm Sub-District 8,830-9,570


Hebron Sub-District 19,040-19,670

Jerusalem-Sub-District 22,260-22,930


Jaffa Sub-District 39,060-43,670

Ramle Sub-District 47,940-54,410


Gaza Sub-District 58,850-61,400

Beersheba Sub-District 150

Villages Total 324,280-349,230

Cities Total 247,403-248,403

Negev Bedouins 30,510

Refugees Settled in Israeli Localities other than their Original Sites 19,072

Palestine Grand Total: 583,121-609,071

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Monday, May 30, 2011

There is No Peace Process

Even if Arafat and his fellow Arab "Palestinians" were given the beautiful land of Switzerland, they'd turn it into a sewer!

The reality being evaded is that Israel’s yearning for peace was shared neither by the Arab world in general nor by the Palestinians in particular. Their rejection to Israel's overtures had nothing at all to do with what Israel had done or failed to do... but to the very fact that Israel existed!

The question REALLY is how did Israel get itself into this mess! It all began with a backroom deal among Yitzhak Rabin, the weasel Shimon Peres and representatives of a gang of Jew-murdering Arabs. In case you forgot, Rabin was the soft-headed Jew who Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat. A Marriage Made in Hell prided himself on a "brilliant" military career which included the killing of fellow Jews on the Irgun ship, Altelena. And Peres never got elected to any office except head of the Peres Peace Center which he humbly named after himself! BOTH whackos would sell their mother's graves for a Nobel Peace Prize! These are the two Leftist dreamers who got Israel boxed into a corner after the wedding between Prime Minister Ehud Barak and his lover Yasser Arafat, culminating in the afterbirth of their bastard child, "Oslo!" Oh what a pity that the Jewish People have been cursed with self-hating, groveling leaders who still view themselves as losers!

The idea of the Oslo Peace Accords was to turn over Gaza and Jericho to the PLO leadership, now sanitized and repackaged as the PA (Palestinian Authority), to see if they could put aside their obsession of murdering Jews and try to administer their fellow Arab Palestinians in a responsible way. Yet to talk about the PLO and democracy in one breath is to reveal unfathomable depths of ignorance. With this chance for limited "autonomy," Rabin and the weasel Peres hoped the Palestinians would show their appreciation by killing fewer Jews! As an added bonus, the "moderate" Arafat was given Israeli-made automatic weaponry for his "police force" so as to counter the "extremists." Unfortunately, Rabin and Peres forgot that "moderates" still kill Jews moderately. Thus they had taken Yasser Arafat, the most vile Jew-hater in the world, and made him their personal "friend!" Arafat returned the favor by making Rabin and Peres his personal whores. Stupid is too kind a word for people who think it possible to have a new era of peace with murderers! And so is Treason!

What a sight it was in Gaza and Jericho... Israeli flags ripped off their mountings and replaced by the red, black, green and white flag of "Palestine." There was Arafat and his fellow Nazi Muslims firing Israeli-made bullets (none rubber-coated) from Israeli-made machine guns into the "liberated" air with promises from Arafat to "Liberate ALL of Palestine!" Even Prime Minister Rabin, the initiator of this suicidal Oslo disaster, publicly stated that should the PLO ever use any of our weapons against Jews, Israel would take everything back and throw the PLO out of our country. Why has this not happened? Countless Jews have been murdered by weapons given to them by the Israeli government in the asinine assumption that they would be used to fight terror. The Jew-murderer himself, Yasser Arafat, was given the Nobel Peace Prize in the hope that it would inspire him to end his terrorism. It didn't work. He has always been a terrorist. He continues to murder innocent Jews. He will ALWAYS remain a terrorist.

The deal was to have a 20,000 man Palestinian "police force." Estimates now have it well over 60,000 and they're even receiving military training from "outside" experts. Additional guns and even anti-tankFATAH summer camp for young Nazi Arabs missiles and anti-aircraft missiles are being smuggled in from Jordan, Egypt and via their new air and sea ports in Gaza. Small explosive factories are popping up inside West Bank Arab homes. The "policemen" are undergoing military training. Children are sent to FATAH military "summer camps," not to learn how to dance the hora or prepare felafels, but rather how to strap dynamite sticks onto their chests for Allah! Who can blame Arafat for murdering Jews after the Israeli government itself gave him money, guns, ammunition, training, and bases within Israel from which to launch attacks against Israelis? Did the Israeli government really think that Arafat would use these things to protect the Jewish People! Ahhhh, if only the Jews had a clever leader like Arafat!

In exchange for her "bold steps for peace," Israel has asked the United States for some financial assistance. This, of course, will be needed to build reinforced fences, trenches, by-pass roads, sophisticated electronic surveillance devices, bulletproof vehicles and bulletproof windows for civilian homes. If all THIS is for "peace," then why must Israel invest so much to defend herself from her "peace partners!" The money would be much better spent expelling the Arab citizens of Israel (the Enemy Within) along with the so-called Arab "PalestinEEEEEEnians" of Judea-Samaria and Gaza and relocating ALL of them somewhere else...like in Jordan, the Arab-Palestinian state in all but its name or perhaps next to Senator Hiliary Clinton's New York home where she might bake them all a cake!

Let Israel learn a most important lesson from this impossible Oslo "peace" deal. Whether they be from Judea-Samaria (West Bank), Gaza Strip on any of the 24 Arab nations in the Middle East, ALL ARABS seek the destruction of the Jewish State. The Palestinian Arabs would certainly prefer that they be handed a State on a silver platter (for "peace" of course) but would be just as willing to take it from Israel in a war as soon as they feel they are strong enough to do so. Right now, the ONLY reason Israel HAS a semblance of peace is because of its strong, well-trained Israeli Defense Forces and its nuclear stockpile. How comforting it is to know that the ONLY reason the Arabs are talking peace is because of Jewish nukes! Does that mean that as soon as the Arab world develops Muslim nukes it's "Let the war games begin?"

Shall we carry this nightmare called "peace" a step further? Let's say that Arafat, Hamas, Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad, or one of the other Palestinian "Liberation" groups calls for massive armed assaults on Jewish towns and cities in some of the more heavily-populated Arab areas within Judea-Samaria/Gaza or perhaps even WITHIN Israel herself. So as not to be thought of as "Zionist sympathizers," Israel's Arab citizens would join in with their Palestinian brothers and sisters. In a scenario such as this, nuclear weapons have little value. But wait, the nightmare isn't over. While the Israeli Army mobilizes internally to meet all these attacks, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and maybe even Iraq launch a coordinated surprise attack upon Israel's borders to finally finish off Israel. Am I dreaming the impossible... or can you not imagine the unimaginable?

A two-state solution is just not feasible if they are squeezed in the the tiny sliver of land nestled between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea. Two sovereign governments and their two armies, cheek to cheek, eyeball to eyeball and fist to fist all the while squabbling over a field here, a hilltop there and, all the while, continuous Arab terror against Israel. The experiment from 1993 until now called "Oslo" has proven one undeniable fact... a two-state solution [one Jewish and one Arab-Palestinian] west of the Jordan doesn't stand a chance!

This "Peace Process" between Israel and the "Palestinians" is all but dead except in the sick minds of Yossi Sarid, Yossi Beilin, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak (at right) and the Peace Now crew?. Continuing it would be no different than continuing to eat poison pudding so as not to offend the U.S. host who helped baked it. The Jews of Israel cannot make peace by themselves. Judaism teaches "Shalom" ... Peace. Islam teaches "Jihad" ... Holy War Against All Non-Moslems. Thus it would seem that the only way for peace to have any chance of success would be to have the Arabs convert to Judaism!!!

O.K., so Israel Gave Peace a Chance. It was a good try. It is not working! She was dealt a bad hand and now it's time to fold. The culture of peace that was supposedly nurtured over the last decade was nothing more than a delusion. The only thing nurtured by the Arabs was hatred and incitement to kill Jews. So where does Israel go from here? Any normal country would take back Jericho, Hebron, Shekhem (Nablus), Umm el Fahm, West Jerusalem, the Galilee... and all the other Biblical Jewish towns from which the Arab enemy has removed its Jews.

If Israel does not remove ALL the Arabs, she is inviting further acts of violence and murder against its Jewish population. Some will call this "Racism." And indeed it WOULD be racism if the Arabs were removed simply because they were Arabs. Unfortunately the Arabs have been murdering Jews LONG before the Oslo Accords of '93 and even long before the creation of the Jewish State itself. So call it racism if you like but if Israel does not do what must be done, she won't be around to be called anything!

If you feel like getting a preview on what sort of state a new Arab "Palestine" might be like, just listen to their lovely proposed national anthem!


Islam, the Religion of Peace, and Terrorism

I've got an Email from Muslim:

"Truthfully your condeming of our faith would probably have you warned, and if you persisted, would have consequences, of which i am not sure. But there have been cases where people have been put to death for MALICIOUSLY harming the image of our noble master Muhammad, the best creation of God. But you fail to see that islam means peace, just as when we meet each other and say 'assalamu alaikum' 'peace be upon you' to our brothers. We are a tolerant religion, and our communities have and still have many faiths still practicing their own religions in islamic land. From the time of the prophet up until today."

The preceding quote was received via e-mail from a Muslim. Notice that he says Islam is a religion of peace, yet that there would be "consequences" for me in my condemnation of Islam. He then mentions how people have been killed for harming the image of Mohammed. Quite frankly, Mohammed damages his own image when he marries multiple women, advocates lying, and spreads his religion by the sword.

Nevertheless, is Islam a religion of peace? Many of its advocates say that it is. Let's see what the Qur'an actually says.

1. The Qur'an tells muslims to kill and go to war to fight for Islam: Quran, chapters (Surahs) 9:5; 2:191; 2:193; 3:118; 4:75,76; 5:33, 8:12; 8:65; 9:73,123; 33:60-62.

2. Fight for Allah: "And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers, (Quran 2:191).

3. Muslims are to battle for Allah: "Those who believe do battle for the cause of Allah; and those who disbelieve do battle for the cause of idols. So fight the minions of the devil. Lo! the devil's strategy is ever weak," (Quran 4:76).

4. Kill those against Islam: "The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter," (Quran 5:33).

5. Beheading: "When thy Lord inspired the angels, (saying): I am with you. So make those who believe stand firm. I will throw fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger. That is because they opposed Allah and His messenger. Whoso opposeth Allah and His messenger, (for him) lo! Allah is severe in punishment," (Quran 8:12).

6. Allah urges war: "O Prophet! urge the believers to war; if there are twenty patient ones of you they shall overcome two hundred, and if there are a hundred of you they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they are a people who do not understand," (Quran 8:65).

7. Slay non-muslims: "Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful," (Quran 9:5).

8. Allah urges war: "O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination," (Quran 9:73).

9. Allah urges war: "O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness; and know that Allah is with those who guard (against evil)," (Quran 9:123)

10. Allah urges killing: "...the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease and the agitators in the city do not desist... Cursed: wherever they are found they shall be seized and murdered, a (horrible) murdering. (Such has been) the course of Allah with respect to those who have gone before; and you shall not find any change in the course of Allah, (Quran 33:60-62).

11. Beheading: "Now when ye meet in battle those who disbelieve, then it is smiting of the necks until, when ye have routed them, then making fast of bonds; and afterward either grace or ransom till the war lay down its burdens..." (Quran 47:4).

12. Allah loves those who fight for him: "Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure," (Quran 61:4).

As you can see, the Qur'an definitely teaches that it's people are to fight for the cause of Islam. This list of verses is important because they are within the holy book of Islam. What are we to conclude if a Muslim is to take the Quran seriously? Is he not obligated to slay non-Muslims, to go to war, to kill those against Islam, etc.? Isn't this what the verses are teaching? Yes, they are and this is the source of Islamic Terrorism.


In Islam, there is no guarantee of salvation except in one instance, dying in Jihad. Jihad is the struggle, the battle against those who would oppose Islam and what Islam stands for. This is very important because in the Muslim religion, there is no guarantee of salvation. Please consider the following verses:

Then, he whose balance (of good deeds) will be (found) heavy, Will be in a life of good pleasure and satisfaction. But he whose balance (of good deeds) will be (found) light,- Will have his home in a (bottomless) Pit. (Surah 101:6-9)

In Islam, there is no assurance that the Muslim will be forgiven of his sins. As you can see, the Quran teaches a system of works righteousness. Therefore, no Muslim can ever know whether or not he has done enough good in order to please Allah. This is a burden that many Muslims do not like to bear.


If we can see that the Islamic system of salvation based upon works cannot guarantee salvation, but fighting in jihad can, and we could see why Muslims terrorists would be eager to die (and take others with them) for the cause of their religion. It is the only way they can be guaranteed paradise. It is this fundamental principle in Islam that encourages terrorism.

* "Let those fight in the cause of Allah Who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fighteth in the cause of Allah,- whether he is slain or gets victory - Soon shall We give him a reward of great (value)." (4:74, Yusifali).

* "Allah's Apostle said, "Allah guarantees (to the person who carries out Jihad in His Cause and nothing compelled him to go out but Jihad in His Cause and the belief in His Word) that He will either admit him into Paradise (Martyrdom) or return him with reward or booty he has earned to his residence from where he went out," (Hadith Vol. 9, Book 93, # 555).

Do Muslims practice the Qur'an principle of killing non Muslims? Yes they do. Following is a list of some articles that you can read a demonstrate some of the actions taken by Moslems in different parts of the world.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Five Simple Truths about the Mideast Conflict

by Michael Brown

Is there any subject more controversial than the question of the legitimacy of the modern State of Israel? Is it the eternal home of the Jewish people, promised to them by God Himself? Or is it the illegitimate home of violent Jewish occupiers, an apartheid state guilty of ethnic cleansing? Or is it something in between? In the midst of the often emotional arguments on both sides, it is helpful to review five simple truths about the Mideast conflict.

1. There is no such thing as a historic “Palestinian people” living in the Middle East. To be sure, there have been Arabs living in the land of Palestine for centuries. (The land of Israel was derisively renamed “Palestine” by the Romans in the second century A.D.). And it is true that some of these families have lived in Palestine without interruption for many generations. But at no time before 1967 did these Arabs identify themselves as “Palestinians,” nor did they seek to achieve any kind of statehood there. As expressed by former terrorist Walid Shoebat, “Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?”

Before 1967, there was no such thing as Arab, Palestinian nationalism and no attempt to develop the territory as a homeland for the Arabs who lived there, and in 1936, when the Palestine Orchestra was formed, it was a Jewish orchestra. In fact, the original name of the Jerusalem Post, the flagship Jewish newspaper, was the Palestine Post.

There is no question that there are several million people who identify themselves as Palestinians today, and many of these people have suffered great hardship in recent years. Nonetheless, the concept of a Palestinian people is a modern invention, and it is part of the anti-Israel propaganda machine without any basis in fact. The recent comments of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, claiming a 9,000 year Palestinian pedigree, are purely fictional: “Oh, Netanyahu, you are incidental in history; we are the people of history. We are the owners of history."

2. There were anti-Jewish intifadas in Palestine two decades before the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. We are often told that Jews and Arabs coexisted peacefully in Palestine prior to the formation of the Jewish state in 1948, or at least, prior to the rise of strong Jewish nationalism. In reality, as Jews began to return to their one and only ancestral homeland in the late 19th century, hostilities began to rise among their Arab neighbors, despite the fact that there was more than enough room for both.

By the 1920’s, radical Muslim leaders like Haj Amin Al-Husseini, later a confidant of Adolph Hitler, were organizing intifadas against the Jewish population, with many Jewish lives lost. And what helped fuel Al-Husseini’s Jew-hatred was the anti-Jewish sentiment found in the Koran and early Muslim traditions. Post-1948 Jew-hatred simply built on centuries of Islamic anti-Semitism.

3. Jewish refugees fleeing from Muslim and Arab countries were absorbed by Israel after 1948; Arab refugees fleeing from Israel after 1948 were not absorbed by Muslim and Arab countries. Despite the fact that the Muslim nations surrounding Israel are 650 times the size of this tiny state, they made no effort to absorb the approximately 600,000 Arab refugees who fled Israel in 1948 when war was declared on Israel by five neighboring Arab nations.

To this day, these refugees are not welcomed by other Arab states. As expressed more than 20 years ago by Ralph Galloway, former head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, “The Arab States do want to solve the refugee problem. They want to keep it as an open sore, as an affront to the United Nations and as a weapon against Israel.” Yet Israel absorbed roughly 800,000 Jewish refugees that had to flee from Muslim nations after 1948.

4. Only one side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is truly committed to peaceful co-existence. It is often stated that if the Palestinians put down their weapons, there would be no more war but if the Israelis put down their weapons, there would be no more Israel. This is not to say that all Palestinians are warmongers and all Israelis are doves. But the vast majority of Israelis are not driven by a radical ideology that calls for the extermination of their Arab neighbors, nor are they teaching their children songs about the virtues of religious martyrdom.

Israel does not relish spending a major portion of its budget on defense, nor does it relish sending its sons and daughters into military service. It simply will not surrender Jerusalem, its historic and religious capital, and it will not commit regional suicide by retreating to indefensible borders. In return it simply asks the Palestinians to say, “We embrace your right to exist.”

5. The current uprisings throughout the Muslim and Arab world today remind us that Israel cannot fairly be blamed for all the tension and conflicts in the region. The nation of Israel is obviously not faultless in the current conflict, but it is ludicrous to think that without the presence of this supposed evil nation in the Middle East, all would be well. There have been constant disputes between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, and in 1980, Abd Alhalim Khaddam, then Syria’s Foreign Minister, admitted, “If we look at a map of the Arab Homeland, we can hardly find two countries without conflict. . . . We can hardly find two countries which are not either in a state of war or on the road to war.”

Certainly, there are many obstacles that stand in the way of a true peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, and the road ahead is fraught with uncertainty, but it would be a good starting point if we replaced myths and emotional arguments with facts.

Town Hall

Israel can’t Trust Obama

President Obama’s recent speeches highlighted his affinity for the Palestinian cause.

by Shoula Romano Horing

When President Obama announced his support for the establishment of a Palestinian state along the 1967 lines as the starting point for negotiations, he in effect adopted the PLO Phased Plan for the gradual destruction of Israel.

While Hamas adopted the position of destroying Israel in one step through constant armed struggle, the PLO, led by Fatah adopted in 1974 a new political method of achieving that goal through two steps. According to the plan, the first step is the establishment of a Palestinian state in the 1967 borders; the second step is the liberation of all of Palestine by destroying the Jewish state through armed struggle or through the “the right of return” of millions of Palestinians to Israel, thus demographically and democratically causing Israel to lose its Jewish majority and character.

In his Middle East speech, Obama divided the core issues of the negotiations into two phases. According to the order set by the president, he in effect demanded of Israel to give up its only bargaining chip of land, based on the 1967 lines with “mutually agreed swaps” in the first phase, before negotiating t other substantive questions such as the “right of return,” the Hamas-Fatah alliance, and recognition of Israel as the Jewish state.

Obama argued that by mentioning “land swaps,” he did not actually call for Israel to withdraw to the indefensible ‘67 lines, as Israel can trade off other land to avoid the ‘67 lines. But in reality the president handed the Palestinians a tremendous victory by embracing their assertion that they somehow have the implicit right to every square inch beyond the Green Line and thus must be compensated on a 1:1 basis for any adjustment. This means that if Israel wishes to keep the Western Wall or the Jewish Quarter in east Jerusalem, the Palestinians would have to agree first and then in return Israel would have to compensate them with a land swap from inside tiny Israel.

Furthermore, when the president mentioned in his speech “the fate of the Palestinian refugees”, he did not say that there will be no “right of return” to Israel proper and that the Palestinian refugees and their descendants will have to find their home in a future state of Palestine.

Vote for Republican president

Moreover, Obama did not take any firm stand concerning the issue of Hamas and Fatah reconciliation. He did not say that the US will not recognize or support a Palestinian state as long as Hamas, which is recognized as a terrorist organization by US law, is in the government or unless Hamas recognizes Israel‘s right to exist and stops terrorist acts against Israel. Thus, Israel is called on by Obama to agree to risk the possibility that Palestine will be ruled by Hamas with its rocket arsenal firing daily at the Jewish state’s main population centers from the West Bank as it does from Gaza.

Prime Minister Netanyahu came to Washington hoping to get Obama’s help in derailing the upcoming vote in the UN in September recognizing a Palestinian state. But Obama’s decision to publicly confront Israel again, with only few hours warning on the eve of Netanyahu’s visit, further weakens and isolates Israel internationally, which in turn will help fast forward the vote at the UN General Assembly.

But Israel is not alone. It has the support of the majority of the American people and the overwhelming support of a Bi-Partisan Congress as we saw from the numerous standing ovations given to Netanyahu during his address. Israel’s only solution is to bypass President Obama and to appeal directly to Congress to pressure Obama to veto the UN decision.

According to the UN charter, an American veto at the Security Council would effectively derail any attempt by the General Assembly to grant full membership to a Palestinian state. Such a vote by the General Assembly would merely be a symbolic victory without any legal leverage to harm Israel. Moreover, Israel can persuade Congress to cut its aid to the PA because of its alliance with Hamas which violates US laws.

By now, most objective observers would agree that Obama‘s heart and sympathy lie with the Palestinian cause and if elected to a second term he will work hard to be the “father” of the Palestinian state at Israel’s expense. Israel’s friends, Jews and non-Jews alike, need to work very hard during the next 17 months to help elect a Republican president who will be Pro-Israel first.

Shoula Romano Horing was born and raised in Israel. She is an attorney in Kansas City and a national speaker. Her blog: www.shoularomanohoring.com

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Obama and the Truth

American president likes to highlight ‘truth’ but conveniently ignores some facts.

by Ophir Falk

President Obama often turns to the “truth” when talking about the Middle East. In fact, he used that word five times in his 2009 Cairo speech and four times in his Middle East doctrine speech at the White house last week.

In 2009, the president proclaimed before his Cairo audience that “the truth is that America and Islam are not exclusive”, that “Islam is a part of America, and America holds within her the truth that regardless of race, religion, or station in life, all of us share common aspirations.” He also said “there is one rule that lies at the heart of every religion – that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us. This truth transcends nations and peoples.”

In his doctrine speech last week, Obama said that America would assist civil societies “who speak uncomfortable truths”, that “the truth cannot be hidden”, and that “precisely because of our friendship (America and Israel it is important that we tell the truth: the status quo is unsustainable, Israel must act boldly to advance a lasting peace” and that America "holds these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

Before an AIPAC audience that same week he reiterated the “fundamental truth that has guided presidents and prime ministers for more than 60 years: that even while we may at times disagree, as friends sometimes will, the bonds between the United States and Israel are unbreakable.”

All of these truths may have merit, but for truth to become the theme for Middle East peace and prosperity, President Obama and his various audiences should also consider the following noteworthy truths:

1) Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for over 3,000 years and that of the State of Israel since its re-establishment, with a large Jewish majority since 1860. Jerusalem is referred to thousands of times in Jewish scriptures; Jews pray towards Jerusalem and yearned to return to it during 2,000 years of forced exile. Jerusalem was never the capital of an Arab state, doesn’t appear once in the Koran and Muslims pray towards Mecca;

2) The 1967 borders, referred to by Obama and others, are in essence the 1949 armistice borders drawn after Israel’s victorious 1948 War of Independence;

3) Although there was never a sovereign Palestinian state at any point in the history of mankind, Israel accepted the UN’s 1947 partition plan. The Arabs did not, and instead reciprocated with war, and another war, and then a couple of more wars, simultaneously combined with more than 70 years of terror against innocent civilians. Therefore, aside from its biblical and historical rights, Israel has more than 25,000 reasons, one for each slain soldier and terror victim, to refuse the return to 1967 borders;

4) Peace could have prevailed at any point during the century-long conflict between Israel and its Arab enemies had the Arabs only agreed to put down their arms. In contrast, if Israel would put down its arms it would cease to exist;

5) With the rapidly changing world, one of the few theories of International Relations that still holds water is that “true Democracies do not go to war against true Democracies.” Israel is the only true democracy in the Mideast and therefore, as Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out in his 2011 AIPAC speech, “it's time to recognize this basic truth: Israel is not what's wrong about the Middle East. Israel is what's right about the Middle East.”

Acknowledging these telling truths is the preface to peace and prosperity.

Ynet News

Israel's 1967 Lines? No, Thanks

Raanan Shaked explains the real reason for Israel’s refusal to withdraw to 1967 borders.

by Raanan Shaked

To be honest, I don’t want to return to the 1967 borders. It’s too damn crowded here as it is.

I realize that this is a crappy reason for giving up on comprehensive regional peace, but I’m almost willing to bet that this is the reason why most Israelis, including professional peace fans such as myself, do not really want to return to the 1967 lines.

It appears to us that we have a very small state as it is. Indeed, as it is, everyone around here steps on each other’s foot. As it is, a residential tower is being constructed under my sink. As it is, the feeling around here on Shabbat is that there’s nowhere else to run – the cement, the dirt, the tin signs, and mostly... these Israelis – they’re everywhere! And we’re out of space.

Am I joking here? Well, not entirely. The notion of a “Jewish State” to be established on land roughly 10% of Idaho’s size was a bad joke to begin with. This is a simple calculation error: If you take into account the fact that there are some 14 million Jews in the world who are all supposed to live here eventually, and if you take into account the fact that the State of Israel’s size is what is known as “George’s farm” in Texas, you immediately understand that a “home for the Jewish people” in fact meant “slums for the Jewish people.”

I realize that the “it’s too crowded here” argument doesn’t sound impressive, yet nonetheless, it is the only reason why Israelis don’t really want to hear about the “1967 borders.” It’s not that we are actually using most of this extra territory, yet when we are being asked to crowd a little more, we feel they went a little too far.

This is the kind of psyche that Americans are unfamiliar with: For them, there is no such thing as “crowded.” They can always disappear in the endless spaces of South Dakota or in the deserts of Nevada. Space is not a problem. There’s space, and right next to it there’s more space.

In Israel we’re out of space. Not only don’t we have another state, the existing state it too small for us by two sizes. Our beloved Obama, how about you get stuck in the holiday traffic jams for an hour and a half in an attempt to make it to your vacation at the Bed & Breakfast, where 15 Israeli families with their vocal children are already waiting for you?

This Bed & Breakfast, by the way, is on the Golan Heights – territory that the 1967 lines also seek to deprive from us, and now of all times, when the Cross-Israel Highway makes the drive so much shorter! The Golan Heights – apparently the only Tuscany we shall ever be able to reach without flying there – is Israel’s only ventilation outlet and escape route these days. How did we ever manage to live without it before 1967? Well, there used to be fewer than three million people here back then and we had a whole state at our disposal, including some nature. Since then, we used all of it. Twice.

I realize that “it’s really crowded here, and besides, haven’t you been to the Golan Heights? Isn’t it lovely? Wouldn’t it be a shame to give it up?” doesn’t quite sound like the kind of argument we can present in Washington: It will melt on the plane. Yet nonetheless, at least for Israelis my age and younger – those who were born in the extended version of the State of Israel – The “1967 borders” sound a little like “go back to your room and stay there.”

It’s childish, it’s retarded, and it’s completely inadmissible. Yet still, this is what all of us think to ourselves when we are told “1967 lines” – we don’t feel like it. So at least let’s be honest with ourselves: This is not about “defensible borders” or any kind of similar security nonsense; we refuse to return to the 1967 borders simply because it seems too crowded and depressing. Besides, you can’t relocate the Golan Heights Winery to the Negev without changing the brand name.

Ynet News

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Solving Poverty - The Islamic Way

by Nonie Darwish

A well known Islamic leader in Egypt by the name of Abu Ishak Al Huweini, who often appears on Egyptian TV, has recently said the following in Arabic and I have translated it into English:

“We are at a time of Jihad; Jihad for the sake of Allah is a pleasure, a true pleasure. Mohammed’s followers used to compete to do it. The reason we are poor now is because we have abandoned jihad. If only we can conduct a jihadist invasion at least once a year or if possible twice or three times, then many people on Earth would become Muslims. And if anyone prevents our dawa or stands in our way, then we must kill them or take as hostage and confiscate their wealth, women and children. Such battles will fill the pockets of the Mujahid who can return home with 3 or 4 slaves, 3 or 4 women and 3 or 4 children. This can be a profitable business if you multiply each head by 300 or 400 dirham,. This can be like financial shelter whereby a jihadist, in time of financial need, can always sell one of these heads (meaning slavery). No one can make that much money in one deal (from hard work) even if a Muslim goes to the West to work or do trade. In time of need, that is a good resource for profit.”

When I heard this audio message, I could not believe my ears. This is nothing short of barbaric and medieval preaching by a powerful Muslim leader in Egypt who has access to public TV and the ears of millions. This sheikh, who is at least honest and unapologetic about what jihad means, is also promoting the true model and example of the prophet Mohammed in the 7th and what he did to non-Muslims, as an example for all Muslims to follow today. Isn’t that the role of a prophet, to be the example to his followers?

It is difficult for Muslims to run away from their religious history, which is documented over and over again in Islamic books. Mohammed himself said, probably with pride, that he was made wealthy through terror. That preacher is just a good follower of Islam and that is why he is advocating the same kind of behavior. Hey, the plan made Mohammed rich, so why not let it be the formula for all Muslims today? What used to be whispered about Mohammed’s behavior and only discussed among the learned men of Islam is openly advocated today in public in a world where the ugly truth can no longer be hidden.

This audio has shocked some Muslims who are in denial about the history of Islam and the true meaning of jihad, which is defined as a war against non-Muslims to establish the religion and after the fight seize their property, women, children, enslave them and sell them like cattle. According to pure Muslims, what was the model for Muslims in the 7th century is now their model in the 21st century.

In another segment posted on youtube the same sheikh, Al Huweini, blamed Christians for all the violence going on today in Egypt. According to him, it is Christians who are responsible for their own murder, robbing and burning of their churches, businesses and homes. At a time of civil unrest in Egypt, Muslim preachers are openly promoting violence against non-Muslims. This sheikh is not the only one, but the internet is full of others with a similar shameless twisted message. One other Salafi Egyptian sheikh announced that he will not leave a church without searching by force to take out a couple of Christian women whom they allege having converted to Islam. The fact that these women made statements to the contrary and that one is married to a Coptic priest does not matter to the Muslim preachers or the mob. They want to take her out and annul her marriage to a Christian, which is allowed under Islamic law. Jihadists are never out of outrageous excuses to do their dirty work.

Al Haweini, who ironically speaks on Al-Hikma (Wisdom) TV station, has made it his authority and expertise to advise post-revolution Egypt, on economic matters. His brilliant economic advice to the interim government was again inspired by the example of the prophet Mohammed whom he said had forced the collection of zakat (meaning Alms) on the people. He added that this should provide the government with billions of pounds if they force citizens to pay the zakat directly to the government. He then added that after Mohammed died, the people of Arabia stopped paying the zakat to the Khalifa who followed Mohammed, which forced him to fight his people to get them pay the zakat back.
Is it any wonder why all Muslim countries are an economic basket case and if it was not for oil, even Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Emirates would be among the poorest nations on earth?

These preachers of hate and genocide are the face of Islam today and an embarrassing example of how disconnected Muslim religious leaders are today. That is why I left that religion all together. When will the West wake up?

Nonie Darwish is the author “Cruel and usual Punishment” and the President of FormerMuslimsUnited.org.

Read More:
Front Page Magazine

More Quotes About "Palestine"

"There is no such country as Palestine. 'Palestine' is a term the Zionists invented. There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria. 'Palestine' is alien to us. It is the Zionists who introduced it".

- Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, Syrian Arab leader to British Peel Commission, 1937 -

"There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not".

- Professor Philip Hitti, Arab historian, 1946 -

"It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but Southern Syria".

- Representant of Saudi Arabia at the United Nations, 1956 -

Concerning the Holy Land, the chairman of the Syrian Delegation at the Paris Peace Conference in February 1919 stated:
"The only Arab domination since the Conquest in 635 c.e. hardly lasted, as such, 22 years".

"There is not a solitary village throughout its whole extent (valley of Jezreel, Galilea); not for thirty miles in either direction... One may ride ten miles hereabouts and not see ten human beings. For the sort of solitude to make one dreary, come to Galilee... Nazareth is forlorn... Jericho lies a mouldering ruin... Bethlehem and Bethany, in their poverty and humiliation... untenanted by any living creature... A desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds... a silent, mournful expanse... a desolation... We never saw a human being on the whole route... Hardly a tree or shrub anywhere. Even the olive tree and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil had almost deserted the country... Palestine sits in sackcloth and ashes... desolate and unlovely...".

- Mark Twain, "The Innocents Abroad", 1867 -

"In 1590 a 'simple English visitor' to Jerusalem wrote: 'Nothing there is to bescene but a little of the old walls, which is yet remayning and all the rest is grasse, mosse and weedes much like to a piece of rank or moist grounde'.".

- Gunner Edward Webbe, Palestine Exploration Fund,
Quarterly Statement, p. 86; de Haas, History, p. 338 -

"The land in Palestine is lacking in people to till its fertile soil".

- British archaeologist Thomas Shaw, mid-1700s -

"Palestine is a ruined and desolate land".

- Count Constantine François Volney, XVIII century French author and historian -

"The Arabs themselves cannot be considered but temporary residents. They pitched their tents in its grazing fields or built their places of refuge in its ruined cities. They created nothing in it. Since they were strangers to the land, they never became its masters. The desert wind that brought them hither could one day carry them away without their leaving behind them any sign of their passage through it".

- Comments by Christians concerning the Arabs in Palestine in the 1800s -

"Then we entered the hill district, and our path lay through the clattering bed of an ancient stream, whose brawling waters have rolled away into the past, along with the fierce and turbulent race who once inhabited these savage hills. There may have been cultivation here two thousand years ago. The mountains, or huge stony mounds environing this rough path, have level ridges all the way up to their summits; on these parallel ledges there is still some verdure and soil: when water flowed here, and the country was thronged with that extraordinary population, which, according to the Sacred Histories, was crowded into the region, these mountain steps may have been gardens and vineyards, such as we see now thriving along the hills of the Rhine. Now the district is quite deserted, and you ride among what seem to be so many petrified waterfalls. We saw no animals moving among the stony brakes; scarcely even a dozen little birds in the whole course of the ride".

- William Thackeray in "From Jaffa To Jerusalem", 1844 -

"The country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is of a body of population".

- James Finn, British Consul in 1857 -

"The area was underpopulated and remained economically stagnant until the arrival of the first Zionist pioneers in the 1880's, who came to rebuild the Jewish land. The country had remained "The Holy Land" in the religious and historic consciousness of mankind, which associated it with the Bible and the history of the Jewish people. Jewish development of the country also attracted large numbers of other immigrants - both Jewish and Arab. The road leading from Gaza to the north was only a summer track suitable for transport by camels and carts... Houses were all of mud. No windows were anywhere to be seen... The plows used were of wood... The yields were very poor... The sanitary conditions in the village [Yabna] were horrible... Schools did not exist... The rate of infant mortality was very high... The western part, toward the sea, was almost a desert... The villages in this area were few and thinly populated. Many ruins of villages were scattered over the area, as owing to the prevalence of malaria, many villages were deserted by their inhabitants".

- The report of the British Royal Commission, 1913 -

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